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‘I Used To Carry Fish On My Head With My Aunty To Raise Money For My School Fees’ – Oscar Yao Doe Discloses

It wasn’t all rosy for Ghanaian business magnate King Oscar Yao Doe.

To many, the life and works of Oscar Yao Doe really tell a story of a wealthy man who hasn’t seen struggles in life before, but in a recent heartwarming message, he revealed how he has to sell fish with his aunty to raise money for his school fees.

Oscar Yao Doe admitted that his grandmother was a rich person. However, things became tough when she passed away in early. He narrated his early ordeal in a message posted on his personal Instagram page. Read the full text below.

My Message To The Up And Coming Generation!The Reason Why I Support Education Development
Year 1983 in Koforidua, Eastern Region of Ghana, My Late Wealthy Great Grandmother Adjo Asigbe (AWAGA) Got Blind, So My Late Grandmother Victoria Nyemekeh (AWAVI), The One I Named My Nursery School After, Did Her Best By Taking Her to Many Hospitals (Including Herbal Medicine) to Cure Her But To No Avail. So, My Great  Grandmother AskedThat She Should Be Taken to Dabala Agboglan, Our Hometown And Her Wish Was Respected. Eventually, She Died Peacefully, in 1988.
During This Challenging Period, I Was Schooling At Koforidua Roman Catholic Boys School. Though in Our Class, I Used Come First In All Our Exams Since Class 3, But I Was Really Struggling to Pay My School Fees And Feeding. So, I Quickly Began to Help My Aunty Yaada (YAAD) With Her Fish Business, So I Can Make Some Money To Pay My School Fees & Feeding.
Sometimes, I Even Carry The Fish on My Head From The Cold Storage After I Close From School (With My School Uniform On)And My School Mates Who See Me Carrying The Fish Carton On My Head Laugh At Me But I Ignored Them.
My Aunty Yaada Really Fell In Love With My Commitment To Help Her Business And She Gave Me Soo Much Love And Protection; Including Making Sure She Fed Me Morning, Afternoon,and Night!
So, When I Got A Breakthrough in Lome, Togo in 1989 To Work During My School Vacation Period With The Wealthy African Horrizon Group (a Group That Buys Gold and Diamond For Export To Europe), I Also Began To Shower My Aunty Yaada With Money. When She Died in Koforidua, I Gave Her A Masterpiece Burial to The Admiration of The People of Koforidua.
So, Because of My Own Story, Because of My Own Struggles To Pay School Fees and Feeding, When I Became a Multi-Millionaire, I Began To Build Schools and Make It Free Tuition; Free Admission, Free Feeding, So That At Least Few People Can Avoid My Own Past Situation!
To My Younger Generation, Don’t Wait Till You Get Everything in Life; (Including Political Power and Wealth) Before You Start Doing Good To Other People! Create Good in Your Heart From The Onset, For Your Own Good.

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