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Ronaldo Tops Lionel Messi To Become Football’s First-Ever Billionaire

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has climbed the list of billionaires by Forbes, topping his fellow soccer star Lionel Messi to earn his first one billion dollars.

He earned $105 million before taxes and fees in the past year, moving him to the fourth place on the 2020 Forbes Celebrity 100, just one spot ahead of Lionel Messi. This achievement has now placed him in the position as the first-ever football in history to become a billionaire.

The Juventus star, who has played for Manchester United and Real Madrid, now at 35-years, is now the third athlete in to make such earnings after Tiger Woods in 2009 – with an endorsement deal with Nike NKE and Floyd Mayweather in 2017 – mostly from income on pay-per-view sales on his boxing matches.

Ronaldo has now made a whopping $650 million from his 17-years career duration and might reach $765 million, while Messi has made a total of $605 million since 2005. Ronaldo has made much more than even soccer greats like David Beckham.

He has been breaking and setting new records, he became the first human being to reach 200 followers mark on Instagram.

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