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Lady Accuses Justin Bieber Of Sexual Assault

A lady identified as Danielle has called out on world-famous singer Justin Bieber for sexually assaulting her.

Revealing this on her Twitter page, she narrated everything that transpired between her and JB.

According to her, she had to be in town to meet Justin Bieber whereby she met his bodyguard who gave her his number and didn’t take hers’. She then contacted his bodyguard who invited him over to the hotel room to meet JB.

Justin Bieber as they were having conversations with friends and more asked her to come closer as they were speaking in French. Upon her coming closer to JB, Justin pulled her closer and pressed her butt. He then asked her if it was real and later they entered the restroom whereby Justin forcefully entered her.

She went on to reveal she then pushed JB away and kicked him between his legs and run out of the room as she later told her sister everything who advised her to be quiet about it. But then, she had to go to rehab as it caused brain damage.

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