J Jorm Motivates and Gives Hope To Ghanaians With New IG Posts | PHOTOS

Ghanaian well-known actress and Instagram celebrity J Jorm who was recently featured on an important Shade Room post has come out to give motivational messages and hope to Ghanaians.

According to the actress, if one feels like he or she is losing everything, he or she should compare him or herself to a tree.

She went on to also give hope to Ghanaians by saying interest, although trees loses leaves every year, they still stand tall and wait for better days.

J Jorm posted; If you feel like you are losing everything remember trees lose their leaves every year, and they stand tall and wait for BETTER Days to Come.

See photo below.


In another post, the actress who also runs as a CEO, adviced Ghanaians to invest or take better care of the stuffs that matters to them in life and let go off the ones that dont.

She wrote; Life happens so fast. It doesn’t slow down for no one. Invest in what really matters, let go of the things that don’t✌🏾

See her post below.


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