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Kasapreko partners Tetra Pak to unveil an Automated Carton Aseptic Juice Line | SEE

Ghana’s leading manufacturer and producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Kasapreko and the world’s top food processing and packaging company, Tetra Pak are proudly celebrating their partnership by inaugurating Kasapreko’s first automated carton aseptic juice line.

The two companies have been in discussion and working towards the realization of this project for the past two years now, aiming to provide safe and affordable products with supporting local value chain.

‘We are always keen to cater for the growing needs of the Ghanaian consumers and that is why we constantly innovate high quality and affordable products to meet all needs. We are launching our juice brands today and we have many innovations to be released in the near future.’ comments by theManaging Director of Kasapreko, Richard Adjei.

‘We are excited to expand this new category, which will magnify our horizons. We are thankful to Tetra Pak for offering us cutting-edge solutions while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and operational performance in a sustainable fashion.’ he added

The new products launched under the brand Kiddy Pack, offer a high level of food protection thanks to 6 layers packaging that protect the juice inside from light, oxygen, loss of flavour and odour intake.

The technology used maximizes the destruction of micro-organisms, which allows an unopened aseptic package to be stored without the need for refrigeration for up to 6 months.

Kiddy Pack supports Kasapreko and Tetra Pak’s aim of protecting the planet with packaging made primarily from natural wood fibre, recyclable and FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).

Commenting on the reasons behind Kasapreko’s success, Oshiokamele Aruna, Managing Director, Tetra Pak West Africa states, ‘Kasapreko is an innovative company that is committed to contributing to Ghana’s development as well as to introducing new products, flavours and package sizes in the market.’

Pupils from different schools in Accra, the executives from both Kasapreko and Tetra Pak and the media were given a tour of the Kasapreko’s production unit including the new built Automated Carton Aseptic Juice Line for the production of Kiddy Pack.

Watch video of the unveiling ceremony below.

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