BLUE EP: Kidi’s Reflection Of Enraptured Fantasy, Realism & Devotion To Highlife

Kidi’s newest full-length studio effort is a vicious reminder of the zestful growth and advancement the Lynx Ghana signee has been through – since joining the league of well-recognized vocally gifted creatives, and simply not in the mood for retrogradation.

He has gone through the storms in the hands of critics who questioned the quality of his voice, and his ability to firmly position the spotlight on himself for long. After several singles which eventually catapulted to an album in 2019 – SUGAR – worthy of a resounding standing ovation in the music hall, his latest project is even spiced and baked with every ingredient of maturity to the extent, even the title – BLUE, is a recipe for strong salivation. Brand position, an accidental discovery of vintage fashion (Style) and acceptance of his Casanova game – he isn’t here to show one woman love, he is here for all the women – and that makes it hard to ignore him.

BLUE is laid and intertwined with various melodious prowess – is like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat – Kidi has done it again, he may be suffering from a serious illness of excessive musical aptitude. Now, diving into the project, Kidi sang joyously to his London heartbeat but she is scared of his flirtatious nature with rivals. Truly, he respectfully requested the lady to showcase her beauty with a snap, hence – SAY CHEESE, was born. The sophomore single on the project – ONE MAN, he created the room to fall in love with just one lady, his heart and soul were solely fixed on the lady of his dream. Female singer, Adina added her smooth touch to the song, making it a perfect expression of two lovebirds, who will do everything to draw warmth and comfort from each others’ arms.

Meanwhile, the third song – END IN TEARS – is where Kidi audaciously reflected on his playboy character, cautioning ladies not to fall for him; he prefers – maybe, one nightstand – to love. The fourth – FREAKY LORD and Fifth – NEXT TIME I SEE YOU songs, pulls Kidi’s strength away from him, and deeper into the net of women.

Of course Kidi didn’t settle on one producer, he went for variety to create diversity in sound but with due devotion to highlife. Hence, BLUE has Kayso, Richie Mensah, DatBeatGod, MOG and Nova in that order.

Kidi’s versatility as a true musician is well showcased on BLUE, and it will make your DAY.


Watch Kidi below as he throws light on BLUE and his personal life:

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