Kofi Asamoah & Peter Sedufia’s ‘AWAY BUS’ Is A Comic Directorial Masterpiece Worthy Of Your Time –  A Review

Away Bus is a comic directorial masterpiece worthy of your time.

Movie production in the country has suffered a great deal of criticism from cinema lovers in present times, a section blaming the filmmakers for not giving the best for their monies, others also sympathized with the filmmakers and call for investments from people with heavy financial backgrounds. However, Kofi Asamoah, an astute filmmaker, managed to be at the pinnacle in regards to financial injections into his movies over the past couple of years, he has no reason to place his head in his hands to weep over money and for that strong backing, the buzz around all his movies escalate all the time even before they are released.

Heading arguably one of the rapidly growing production houses, Kofas Media, is a match into a land where all eyes are on you to constantly succeed and never disappoint but his John and John movie offering 2017 left movie lovers screaming loud at him for lifting a storyline from another country and not pasting it well for them. Although Kofi Asamoah stood by his claim that it was a beautiful production that gave and open doors for him just like his previous works, his latest production deserves a standing ovation from everyone in the room.

To make his point clearer and help carry out the story perfectly, Kofi Asamoah partnered Peter Sedufia, a director known to have mastered the craft of perfection on his two best-sellers Keteke and Sidechic Gang under OldFilm Productions, and currently the toast of the movie community. So far, no foul mouths around any of his productions, a good omen to send Ghana into the promised land in the future.

Hence, the birth of Away Bus, a story idea that first popped in the head of Peter Sedufia, he then shared it with Kofi Asamoah who thought it was solid and deserving of a big screen. As told and seen in the cinema during the private screening for media practitioners in the country, Two sisters (Bibi played by Salma Mumin and Kiki played by Fella Makafui) set on a risky journey to fetch money in time to prevent their sick mother in the hospital from visiting her early grave. They successfully robbed a bus, got robbed in the process, a back and forth action packed robbery scenes but finally the two sisters with the help of Padlock played by Richard Asante (Kalybos) emerged victorious, time was far gone as their sick mother passed on before they got to the hospital to pay for her operations to begin.

The movie got an A-plus for its directions, picture quality, sound and more. However, the only part that nearly pulled it back to the relegation zone to incur the wrath of movie lovers is the tall list of household names, which from where we sit gave both Kofi Asamoah and Peter Sedufia heavy load to carry and they had to manage to squeeze just a scene for some. On the Away Bus cast team in addition to the early mentioned names are John Dumelo, Priscilla Opoku-Agyeman, Rosemond Brown, Tracy Boakye, Moesha Buduong, Samuel Yaw Dabo, Abeiku Santana, the list is endless.

But, in all Away Bus is a directorial masterpiece for stress-relief that’s worthy of your time any day. It’s still showing at the cinemas, catch a glimpse and share your experience with us.

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