FADAMA BOY CONCERT! Kuami Eugene & His Intimate Bond With Fadama

The rejuvenated spirit that has befallen the music scene in the country, can only be attributed to the new generation of music gems carving a niche for themselves in the industry. Ghanaian culture and heritage are heavily embedded in our music, so highlife and Afrobeat can never be washed down or swept under the carpet, hence the new creatives are building on this foundation set by those before them.

Kuami Eugene has been described by larger music commentators as the modern-day voice of Ghanaian highlife with one foot at the doorway of Afrobeat as well. Coming unto the music scene like a thunderstorm, nothing can stand in his way. It’s appropriate to follow the tradition of being the gleaming light (firefly) of Fadama that first helped nurture his talent and secondly stood by him during the thick and thin moment till the entire country and the world become his audience.

It’s said the community has never had a great concert organized for the vibrant youth who are constantly yearning and hungry for a piece of the entertainment industry. Therefore, seeing Kuami Eugene establishing a name for himself and carrying the community on his back while running on the path to glory, was for them nothing but sheer brilliance and agglutination of the forces that must go every length to maintain his winning run.

The euphoria to the concert was built with an early morning cleaning of the various suburb of Fadama. Interestingly, every tom, dick and harry came out to fill the Fadama Park to the brim for Fadama Boy Concert 2020, where a cast of the eyes in the crowd appears to be a swarm of flies stationed at one spot, no space to breath or move. Any movement means, your space will be occupied by the next person without hesitation. As he was called on stage to entertain the thousands that have gathered and chanting his name, he opened his performance with the banger now, Obiaato. Point of correction, he has so many bangers, it had to single one out as a flop, but in this case, the opening performance balanced his energetic showmanship coupled with the resounding screams from every corner of the venue. Dressed in black and white outfits matched with white Nike sneakers, he was ready to entertain and nothing could stop him now.

Kuami Eugene hosts Fadama Boy Concert
Kuami Eugene hosts Fadama Boy Concert

After spending a couple of lengthy minutes on stage in a solo performance, Kuami Eugene ushered in Ohemaa, a song with his label mate, Kidi, who was clad in an orange knee-level car wash dress, the hottest figure on the music scene, adored by women from all over. They performed together before Kuami Eugene took a step back to allow Kidi to do his own thing. Later, shinning stars like Joey B, Adina, others were also invited onto the stage by Kuami Eugene for a collaborative performance.

Watch Fadama Boy Concert below:

Fadama Boy Concert 2020 was an overwhelming success, no wonder, Kuami Eugene saw the vision early, and promised to turn subsequent editions into a festival during his meeting at the Chief Imam, Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu’s palace a day to the concert.

Watch Kuami Eugene’s visit to the Chief Imam’s Palace:



FADAMA BOY CONCERT! Kuami Eugene Cleans Fadama – VIDEO



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