KUKESI Movie reflects African values,brings to mind ‘In the Chest of a Woman’

Tell the Executioner to Halt the killing! tell the executioner to halt the killing,tell the executioner to halt the killing…!!! Those were the words from the crowd when Owusu and Ekya were about to be killed to ensure justice after one committed abominable act of a female sitting on the thrown of Ebusa Kingdom…

The story have not been that smooth after the death of Efo Kwadjo Mawugbe, the writer of ‘In the Chest of A Woman’. The story of Africans continue to favor the whites since they are the ones telling us. How many know that Africans were civlised,innovators,politicised before its Colonial period?

KUKESI, a movie produced by ERHAZE FILMS has taken us back to the ages where we knew that our lands were ruled by our ancestors, shrines were powerful and there was order in our societies.

Characters such as Emmanuel France(Aklika), Vicky Zugah, OD4 are all people we should lookout for in this movie. It is believed that the Ghanaian movie industry is sinking and will soon discover crude oil even though kumawood is holding it down. Kukesi is primed to revive the movie industry as plans are underway to send it international.

In brief, Kukesi is a movie that depicts the name of a demi-god whose prowess is known throughout the land. The only mortal who has a table before the immortals….hhhmmmm..faced with the quest to seek pardon for an abominable act perpetrated by his people, he proved that a ‘child can play with the breast of the mother but not with the testicles of his father’…

Join us all at the Global Cinema on 3rd November 2018 as KUKESI is premiered to the whole of Africa. Call 0249555423 for a seat to be reserved for you.

Let’s support our own and projects our culture…

Source:Prince Harry

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