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Lamisi Set to Release Hot New Single

After dropping two hot singles Tanka Fanka and Kuul Runnings, Lamisi has decided to treat her fans to a whole new different side of her in the song Mr. Strawberry.

Lamisi who hails from the Upper East Region of Ghana and is noted for singing in her first language, Kusaal, has demonstrated her versatility as an artiste by singing in Hausa, Ga, Twi, Ghanaian Pidgin English among others. The afropop artiste’s vivacious personality seeps through the concept, aesthetics and plot of the music videos she has released for both her singles.

Lamisi could be discovering a whole new side of her musical personality in her new single Mr. Strawberry. If she puts the same hard work into the production of this new single as she has in her previous work, she might just seal her position as one of Ghana’s finest vocalists whose multicultural and multilinguistic style shoots her onto the global music scene.

According to Lamisi, Mr Strawberry is a highlife song that aims at reaching a global audience in its lyrical content.


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