Oscar Yao Doe Eulogies Lawyer Yoni Kulendi As A Zero Materialistic Minded Man With Brilliant Brain

The race to ascend the seat of the Supreme Court of Ghana is underway as a private legal practitioner, Lawyer Yoni Kulendi is being vetted alongside law professor Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu.

Businessman Oscar Yao Doe openly displayed his support for Lawyer Yoni Kulendi for the position and has reaffirmed his stand with another social media post.

He showered several brilliant words on Yoni describing him as a selfless and compassionate man with the mind wholly fit for the seat as the next Supreme Court judge of the nation. 

Parliament is currently vetting the two candidates, one will be chosen for the position, however, HRH Doe believes strongly in Yoni and wants him to emerge atop.


I His Royal Highness The Most Colourful Oscar Yao Doe Reaffirmed My Support To Supreme Court Nominee Lawyer Yoni Kulendi Who’s Vetting Process Is Currently Underway In Parliament.

Yoni Kulendi Is A Good Man. Honest Man. Selfless Man. Caring Man. Compassionate Man. Empathetic Man. Good Judgement Man. Top Class But Zero Materialistic Man. Zero Corrupt Minded Man. Loving Personality.
Brilliant Legal Brain. Brilliant House Brain. Above All His Qualities He Is Extremely Independent Minded.

Great Asset To The Supreme Court.Kudos to President Akufo Addo For Nominating Him. I Agree Totally 100 per cent With This Decision. I Wish Mr Kulendi Well. I Ask Parliament To Give All The Necessary Courtesy And To Consider His Appointment. Long Live Ghana.

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