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Long-Term Relationships: 7 Ways To Keep The Love Alive

Falling in love could’ve been easy for you and your partner. You probably felt instant chemistry and decided to enter into a committed relationship after some time of dating and wooing each other.

Long-term relationships, however, may not be as effortless. To make a long-term relationship work, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and put some work into it, rather than just hoping that a connection will last.

You can’t expect to keep the fire burning if you’re not fanning it into flame. The same goes for relationships. In this article, we’ll give you seven ways to keep the love alive in long-term relationships.

1. Relive the activities made you fall in love

In the early part of the relationship, there are things that you do together that developed your feelings towards each other. It could be coming up with cute names like those listed here, or watching TV series. Regardless of how simple those may have been, find time to do those activities again. You will remember memories and make new ones too. Some of these things could be:

  • Running together in the park
  • Visiting art museums or galleries
  • Cooking or baking together
  • Watching concerts
  • Going to the local carnival
  • Continue your date nights

2. Try new experiences

Besides doing the activities you have both already done in the past, don’t forget to try new things too. New activities and experiences will make you learn more about the other person. In addition, you could have more things in common and increase your attachment toward each other. Think of things that you haven’t done yet and try those. It could be:

  • Skydiving
  • Eating exotic food
  • Dancing salsa
  • Helping a charity

3. Travel together

It’s vital to create memories together to sustain a relationship. Take a trip with your partner, preferably somewhere where you both haven’t been to yet and be adventurous. A holiday abroad would be beneficial, and it doesn’t have to be grand. There is a particular bond created when you both discover new things together and experience a different culture, food, art, and other aspects of travel. A few favorite places to visit with your significant other are:

  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Paris, France
  • Venice, Italy

4. Take time to talk

Communication is essential in any kind of relationship, and most especially in long-term romantic ones. Make time to talk with your partner face to face, or make up for it with a phone call if circumstances won’t allow. Better yet, maximize technology and use a video call instead of a voice call when you are apart.

Talk for at least 30 minutes, and genuinely know how they are and how the day went. Observe for non-verbal cues like the tone of their voice, their facial expressions, and so on. During this time, it’s crucial that you aren’t distracted by other things. Here are tips to create this talking environment are:

  • Designate a time where work isn’t allowed
  • Put your phone down and don’t pick it up
  • Don’t be in the middle of doing chores like doing laundry or washing dishes
  • Focus on your partner and be interested

5. Don’t hold grudges

Every relationship will have its ups and downs and could be less smooth-sailing than hoped. However, ensure that you don’t hold grudges towards your partner for any reason. If there was a heated argument, don’t say that it’s okay when it isn’t. The grudges you hold will pile up over time, and it won’t be pretty when it explodes. In times where there are misunderstandings, it’s best to:

  • Listen to understand, not to reply
  • Try your best to communicate your issues or your side as calm as you can
  • Forgive genuinely
  • Don’t go to bed angry

6. Keep on surprising each other

It’s easy to be predictable in a long-term relationship that’ why you need to look for ways to keep surprising your partner.  When they find or receive something without expectation, it will put a big smile on their face and think of how much they love you. Be playful and generous, and you’ll see the love last. Some of these ideas are:

  • Give her flowers for no reason
  • Leave random love notes in various places
  • Pick your partner up from work or wherever she might be in random times
  • Set up a candle-lit dinner at home

7. Keep your identity

Many people lose themselves in love, and that could backfire in the long run. Do your best to support each other, appreciate the differences between you, and accept the uniqueness that complements each other, so the intimacy is maintained. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you lose your identity. Instead, it should help you find it and develop its full potential. Here are some tips to maintain your separateness:

  • Spend time apart like a girl’s or boy’s night out
  • Continue to respect each other’s privacy
  • Don’t forget about your interests and hobbies
  • Keep on doing what you are passionate about


Long-term relationships are beautiful, and you need to do more than what you did in your honeymoon phase to keep the love alive.  Communicate openly and listen intently, without losing yourself. Don’t forget to keep on doing the little things that brought you together, but continue to grow with each other by creating new experiences and memories too.

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