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Malik Ofori: The Millennial Showing Great Potential In Filmmaking With A Sterling Portfolio

The young filmmaker creating a new path for others.

Mastering the art of being the master of your creativity doesn’t come within a day, it takes time and practice to get to that stage where you will be prepared enough to also impact others in your own way. A jaw-dropping story about young Ghanaian filmmaker, Malik Ofori is that he coined and started painting his story vividly at a tender age to his parents, a feat which opened the door for them to decide to leave him to chasee after his dream in the field where his heart beats towards.

Sometimes, it is so difficult taking his contribution to the film industry to believe that he is just 25 years old, owns and operate his own production company called MO Films, shorthands for Malik Ofori Films with a strong presence on YouTube and other social media platforms most especially Twitter.

His creative level was tested when he joined a big record label like NU Afrika Records, founded by famed Ghanaian musician and producer, Ball J whose Game Of Thrones video he directed. The parts of his work that he loves so much are when he is giving the room to operate freely under little supervision, hence, he is able to write songs, shoot music videos and contribute to enhancing the image of the record label through his creative works.

With increasingly growing interest in his works already from superstars such as Eddie Watson who offered him a dream come true chance to co-edit his films, She Prayed and Venom, the success of those two projects elevated him into higher chambers to work with big names in the entertainment industry like Guru, Kwaw Kese, Ingrid Alabi, Sarkodie, Majid Michel the list is endless.

The future of filmmaking in Ghana looks so brighter like a diamond and it is based on the glimpse of quality works exhibited by millennials coming through the ranks like Malik Ofori, he is currently working on his solo film.

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