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Martell Taste of Sound is pushing the boundaries of perception

Martell, the oldest great cognac house is introducing a new unique experience to Ghanaians, showcasing the originality, boldness and versatility of the new innovative spirit drink, Martell Blue Swift through ”Martell Taste of Sound”. Blue Swift is an innovative spirit drink made of 100% Martell VSOP Cognac matured in French oak barrels and then finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks for an exceptionally smooth, rounded taste.

Martell Blue Swift is an invitation to be free spirited and go beyond the obvious. It is a product revolution that breaks codes and enables consumers to open their minds and explore beyond appearances. Martell Taste of Sound is a disruptive sound immersive experience that invites consumers to feel the essence of Martell through authentic storytelling with a glass in hand and discover unexplored sensations.

From the 16th to the 27th of December 2020, the ”Martell Taste of Sound” spotlight will be on the highlife of Accra where friends of Martell and connoisseurs will get to discover true taste beyond the normal that redefines the boundaries of taste and shows that luxury and wealth go beyond material possessions.

”At Martell, our brand purpose is to encourage people to unlock their audacity so legacy will follow. Taste of Sound promises to be an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on discerning, influential, audacious, and authentic individuals”, shares John Derrick Aniaba, Brand Manager at Pernod Ricard Ghana.

Follow @martellgh on Instagram and Facebook and use the #martelltasteofsound hashtag to share your Taste of Sound experience.


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