THE TRUTH HURTS: Music Is A Business, Not A Hobby – Every Musician Needs A Vibrant Management Team

Being a musician is a full-time job and being an independent artist is empowering, it doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.

As you start to develop and grow as an artist, you have to consider forming a team around you to assist with certain things necessary to aid you succeed in the music industry.

A lot of artistes especially the independent ones’ decision to choose one person to handle everything which is not advisable because, at the end of the day, goals are not met.

Today I’m sharing with you how to assemble your management team to maximize your career and net worth.

  • Personal Manager

Mostly they are close friends or relatives who are not musically inclined but comes with a lot of enthusiasm. They are mostly with the Artiste all the time, share ideas and disqualify certain unhelpful behaviours, etc.

  • Business Manager

Business managers are mostly about finances, however, and whatever way to market the artiste in order to make money for the artiste. They are also in charge of negotiations, brand deals and other money matters

  • Lawyer

Every artist needs a lawyer to protect their interest and career. The lawyer takes care of legal matters on behalf of the artist.

  • Publicist

Publicist uses public relations skills and media knowledge to help the artist maintain his or her desired public image. Their duties may include helping to market the artist’s work, representing the artist through press releases, arranging for interviews with the media and writing speeches and articles.

  • Agency

Every artiste needs certain agencies to help them spread their music and brand across the world. These agencies include music publishing agency, music distribution outlet, booking agency, radio promotional company or agency.

Take the next step in advancing your music career to expand your net worth.

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