I was nearly fired for playing a “wack song” on radio-Mixtic Bemoans


The importance of music is its ability to calm nerves and the ability to turn people on when needed. These qualities together with a beat separates music from noise.

Most DJs and presenters find contents of songs very crucial before airing especially if it is from an unheard artist. Mixtic Romras,a popular publicist and a presenter on Lensradio and Gentlemen radio online faced the wrath from management for his negligence of not listening to some of the songs on his playlist before airing them.

According to him(Mixtic), he was nearly fired on radio for playing a “wack song” from an unheard artist. Though he didn’t want to disclose the name of the artist, It was his intention to help the unheard artists that sent their songs to him.

But unfortunately,due to the bad nature of the song he played and the caution he received from management,he made it clear that “i will never play any bad song on my show again and if you are an upcoming artist and you want him to help you then do good songs”

With his experience and exposure, he is sure that he can do his part in helping the young ones through the means he has. Working with 2 traditional radio stations and now 2 online stations,the medium is there to play their songs to the whole world if only is “good” as he will not like this incident to happen again.

Most DJs and presenters have since support his decision and warn the upcoming artists that if they really want to make it then they should avoid “wack songs” because they also want to keep their jobs.


Story: Ahovi Harry

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