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 David Wayne Oliver reportedly robbed a bank in Colorado, went into the street and tossed the money he stole into the air

65-year-old man robs bank, throws stolen money in the air, screams Merry Christmas.
While he did that, he wished everyone a wonderful season as he screamed Merry Christmas

According to an eyewitness, he walked over to a coffee shop, sat and waited until he was arrested

David Wayne Oliver, aged 65, has allegedly robbed a Colorado bank, and immediately he left there, he threw the stolen money into the air shouting Merry Christmas to passersby.

Daily Mail reports that the old-man-robber was arrested when he was sitting at a Starbucks coffee shop after he had robbed the Academy Bank in Colorado on Monday after, December 23.

Though police could not be reached for any comment on the incident, a TV station in Colorado, KKTV, reports an eyewitness’, Dion Pascale, account of how the 65-year-old was tossing the money all over the place

He started throwing money out of the bag’ before yelling, ‘Merry Christmas,” he saideyewitness also said that some of the passersby collected the money and returned it to the bank as Oliver walked to the coffee shop and sat like he was waiting for the police to come arrest him.

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