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Ex-Video Vixen Stacy M. Amewoyi Announces New Novel ‘Missing Fathers’

In yet another mind-blowing true life story from the author of multiple bestsellers, Stacy M. Amewoyi, brings to life the forbidden and hidden wounds of the past to make terms with the present and future in “Missing Fathers.”

Stacy easily caught the attention of novel lovers with her long trail of true events documentation, earning her several global recognition as well. Her unique style of writing makes it easier for one to relate to because of the factual nature of her story, making way for comprehensive and thorough reminiscing allowing people to open up to occurrences that are no faults of theirs, and learn to either cope or deal with it.

The naturally gifted author shared a brief insight into imminent “Missing Fathers,” and why it will be a life-changer for a lot of readers on the globe, “It’s a book that first of all drain every tinny element of my emotions trickling to effect on my physical and mental states because of the extra mile and effort put into it, it’s purely based on true events that will bring joy, tears and more to people,” she tells us via phone conversation.

Missing Fathers, as the chosen title of the book, seems to reveal a lot about the book, but from what Stacy tells us, it goes beyond what comes into mind with just a view of the title. Readers will ponder on a lot of social issues upon reading the book to understand the journey she is embarking on. The book explores the diverse scope of parenting, children and guardians, not only on the continent of Africa but globally. And that makes it thought-provoking. Issues that happened in Africa are interconnected on a different scale in the world, meaning Africa is not the only continent with issues that needs immediate attention. 

“My research work including interviews of people that have gone through the same ordeal outlined in the book, open it up for even further discussion on a lot of unspoken or undocumented events that have gone a long way to impact people in different ways, I’m excited for the release of the book soon but I’m also scared of what people are about to learn.”

“Missing Father” will be in three parts and Stacy plans to release them in sequence to give readers enough space to digest each novel per bite. It is scheduled to arrive later this month, and already readers are biting their nails awaiting it.

It looks like a busy year for the former video vixen, actress, beauty queen and now author; she revealed advance plans to launch empowering projects for young women dubbed “We Girls Connect” starting from Ghana to the rest of the world.

Stacy M Amewoyi has also authored bestsellers such as Science Of Love, Silence Of Love and Mystery Born.

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