Obiba Rekindles Love In Colourful Ghanaian Tradition And Vogue With New Video “Wonko Menko” | WATCH

As Highlife seems to be taking a ‘nose-dive’ on the global front, opposed by the fast ascendency of the new genre Afrobeat, Veteran Ghanaian Singer, Obiba thinks otherwise. He strongly feels Afrobeat though is the new crave of the world now cannot outshine Highlife, Ghana’s foundation genre.

In sustaining the Highlife legacy, he drops this new song video “Wonko Menko”, colorfully adorned with Ghanaian vogue and rich tradition.

Love is common to many but TRUE LOVE is very hard to find in these times that material stuff and luxury things have replaced love for humanity.

Obiba takes us on a journey with sweet melodies as he redefines the love triangle with his new video “Wonko Menko”.

Watch “Wonko Menko” on Youtube.

Facebook: Obiba Sly Collins

Instagram: @SlyCollins4peace

Twitter: @SlyCollinsObiba

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