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Ogelle Set To Be The Biggest Video Content Platform In Africa.

Content keeps taking different diversifications and as such Ogelle, User Generated Content platform. Anyone can create a channel, upload content and get paid from 10,000 views.

Ogelle is owned by Reddot Television Network Limited, as such the platform offers free to view and video on demand options to suit users based on their needs.

The team behind Ogelle held a press launch in Accra, which was attended by model Victoria Michaels and actors, James Gardiner and Selly Galley where the CEO, Mr Osita Oparaugo gave in-depth explanations as to how the platform operates.

The platform offers unlimited entertainment with 100 per cent focus on African content and has a community blog for anything from films to music, comedy, cuisine, lifestyle and many more (with the exception of hates languages, violence, cyber bullying, and a crime against women and children).

Osita Oparaugo with Victoria Michaels, James Gardiner and Selly Galley, at press soiree in Accra,

Mr Oparaugo stated: “The platform provides multiple opportunities for African content producers whose work will now be available around the globe, providing these producers a global voice.  To lovers of African content, Ogelle presents world-class content that is rich in Africa’s customs and traditions, bold, diverse and globally appealing.”

Unlike its competitors who mostly charge for video on demand by subscription Ogelle presents an excellent avenue for learning through its vocation training content creators known as Ogelle Vocation, drawing one key strengths in the company’s extensive creative sector knowledge backed by network of commercial relationships, which provides Ogelle with the opportunity to act as the bridge between creative content creators and consumers globally.

“At the same time, we create competitive returns for content creators by monetizing any content that exceeds 10,000 views produced in line with our partner program.  Our Global team consists of experts, industry insiders in content creation, acquisitions, distribution, film financing and film production,”  Mr Oparaugo added.

Learn about how to join Ogelle and monetize contents here. Ogelle


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