Album Review: Omar Sterling’s ‘Imperfectly’ Perfect Same Earth, Different Worlds 20 Track Album

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Omar Sterling took us on a vintage ride with the newly released album titled “Same Earth Different Worlds,” featuring Manifest, Kwesi Arthur, Humble Dis, Mugeez, R2Bees, and Efya. A well-crafted piece of art with applaudable contents! Let’s say it’s time to blow away some dust off the phonograph record! 

Before we dive into the awesomeness, let’s talk about the album title. “Same Earth Different Worlds” means we all live on the same earth, but each person lives in their own worlds. We all have stories, and these stories are unique to each person. Omar told his story on this Album, which to me is dark, cold, and motivating!

Omar Sterling Same Earth Different Worlds
Omar Sterling Same Earth, Different Worlds

The theme he chose in regards to instrumentals makes this so beautiful and priceless. That Lo-Fi vibe with rusty synths and acoustic drums did the magic! I never thought this is something an artist in this modern-day Ghana would ever think of!

Perfection wasn’t the goal, but worth and originality seem to be his biggest priority. The moment you hit track 1, you get sucked into it, and before you know it, you are all through the album. The arrangement was priceless! It sounds more like a live session, and it’s no natural the way each song follows after the other.

Omar Sterling got personal and “raw” on this album in a very relaxing way. And this is what got me more relaxed listening to the album and following the full story. Greatness is what I would call this—perfect choice of keys with leveled BPM and perfectly processed vocals. Everything sounds so natural and comforting!
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One thing I couldn’t help but notice is the constant reference to hiplife superstar; Obrafour. And listening closely, the sounds bring up many Hiplife memories, especially “Pae Mu Ka.” He sure quoted some lines from Obrafour on a few songs. Challe! This is a different vibe!

I know people have said in the past (and even now) that Omar Sterling can’t rap… But the truth is he is amazing with words and knows how to weave his verse so perfectly.

He dropped golden verses, and I heard zero kindergarten rhymes and the so-called “wordplay” some young Ghanaian artists claim they are too good at.

The song “Bayla Boys Company.” got me deep! The vintage keys, the key, and the acoustic drums merged perfectly with the song’s concept.

He talked about their lives as young boys growing up looking for adventure and anything that makes them feel alive. This is the world! This is their world!
I could go on and on talking about this album forever. Do yourself a favor and get some good music into your system.

By: Mr Aborga

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