Oscar Yao Doe Highlights The Pour Management Plans From Ken Ofori Atta, Ernest Kwamina Addison & Nii Amanor-Dodoo That Led To The Collapse Of Many Financial Institutions In Ghana

Ghanaian businessman, philanthropist and patriots Oscar Yao Doe has descended Hon. Ken Ofori Atta, Ernest Kwamina Addison and Nii Amanor-Dodoo for allegedly masterminding the collapse many banks in Ghana.

Oscar Yao Doe has been vocal and continues to express his disproval of how politicians have managed to bring many businesses in Ghana to their knees. He has used his social platforms to expose a lot of the people whom he thinks are helping the country move forward in the right direction by growing a lot of indigenous millionaires.

A latest post which he titled Ghana’s History Book Scorecards has educational backgrounds of Hon. ken Ofori Atta, Ernest Kwamina Addison and Nii Amanor-Dodoo, with their performances in office.

See below for his full post:

Ghana’s History Book Scorecards: 2017- 2019

Hon. Ken Ofori – Atta (Ghana’s Finance Minister 2017 Till Date ), Bachelor Of Arts In Economics (Columbia University 1984), Mba, Yale University School Of Management 1988)

History Book Scorecard Will Consider Ken As The Man Who Declined To Pay Ghana’s Government Debt Owed To Local Banks During Prez John Hamama’s Era, Paying Off Their Debt Timely Could Have to Help Local Banks To Improved Their Liquidity Position. He Could Have Also Make A Decision To Buy Back The Adb Shares Favouring Unibank To Improve Their Liquidity Position. Was It Done Deliberate? Only Time Can Tell.

Gov. Ernest Kwamina Addison: Batchelor Of Arts (University Of Ghana 1982-86) Masters Of Economics (Cambridge University 1987-89) Obtained Doctor Of Philosophy(PhD) Degree In Economics, Mcgill University, His (PhD) Dissertation, Was Done Under The Direction Of John Kurien.

History Book Scorecard: He Misjudged And Failed To See The Bigger Picture For Ghana’s Economic Prospect, Where Everyone Is Taking Onboard Regardless Of Liquidity Challenges Their Businesses May Have Been Going Through Because Of Lack Of Supervision From (BOG) Itself. Applying The European Commission Or The Us Model To Bailout Ghana’s Local Banks And Then Put In New Stringent Measures (Tight Regulations Laws) With Strong Supervision. He Failed To Do So.

Nii Amanor-Dodoo(D)Member, Institute Of Chartered Accountants, Ghana.
Institute Of Chartered Accountants, Nigeria.
History Scorecard: Amanor Should Have Been Bold To Tell (BOG) Let’s Do Stress Test Instead Of Audit To Ascertain True Picture Of Their Financial Needs, Then Follow Up Swiftly With A Massive Bailouts Like What The Europeans And The Us Government’s Did For Their Own Banks Having Similar Challenges In 2007/2008/2009.

My Scorecard On The 3 Personalities: They Lack Vision & Love For Country. They Were Shortsighted And Chose Show Them Where Power ( Outdated Mindset) In 21st Century Unless Many People Succeed Along In Your System If Not The Effect On Everyone Could Be Severe! The World Evolved. That’s Why It’s Critical To Use Machinery Of Government To Show Compassion On Every Decision-Making Situation To Stand The Test Of Time.





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