Oscar Yao Doe Makes A Shocking Revelation About Nii Amanor Dodoo – ‘He Logged Into My Personal Bank Account At CBG Without My Consent’

When Did We Get Here? – Oscar Yao Doe asked in a post where he made the revelation.

Businessman and philanthropist Oscar Yao Doe has made a shocking revelation about the retired auditor formerly of KPMG. Oscar brought this to the limelight, highlighting on the fact that, Nii Amanor Dodoo entered his personal bank account at the Consolidated Bank Ghana without his official consent.

Read the full post below.

The Deceiver In Chief Nii Butcher Dododo Has Criminal Intent, He Has Logged Into My Personal Bank Account At (Cbg) Without My Consent, Can You Imagine? And Wanted To Use My Banking Transactions To Blackmail Me, So Therefore I Now Elevate Him To A Roadside Criminal Wearing A Torn Chalawate Disturbing & Terrorising People Around The Nima Gutter! Ghana Ghana Ghana. Wow Wow Wow.

Now It’s Risky To Have An Account With Consolidated Bank Ghana ( Cbg) Because Any Tom And Jack Can Just Log Into Your Personal Bank Account And Use The Information For Their Personal Gain Or To Blackmail You! Wow Wow Wow! Is This Our Beloved Ghana? What’s Going On?
So Any Idiot Can Just Logged Into Your Personal Bank Account And Then Think They Can Use Your Confidential Bank Transactions Information To Hurt You.

When Did We Get Here? Is This A New Beautiful Policy Of The Akuffo Addo Government To Allow Any Idiot To Logged Into A Private Citizen Bank Account? Wow Wow Wow! Ghana Is Not At A Happy Place At The Moment! Sard! Big Disgrace





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