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Oscar Yao Doe Orders Family And Close Associates To Plant Large Portion Of His Wealth In ‘Doscar Foundation’ Posthumously

Many have developed much respect for business mogul Oscar Yao Doe due to great sense of benevolence towards others, especially children.

The Ghanaian entrepreneur who owns businesses in Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, other places, shared his will with everyone. He categorically stated in the piece that the majority of his wealth being planted in Doscar Foundation for charity works.

He further ordered his family and close associate to build schools named after him in Ghana, Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire where he has successful businesses.

Read his full letter to his family and close associate.

I his royal highness the most colourful oscar yao doe i write my own will and wishes when i die!
my family,my friends,my companies,my business associates should respect this will,doing otherwise god will strike.

1. My first will when i die buried me in lagos specifically ikoyi or victoria island.

2. My companies should continue to contribute and take care of my schools.sell all my properties and logde the money into doscar foundation

3.All my ceo,s,country directors,d.g’s who have worked with me up to 10 years should be entitled to 10% shares of my company they are in charge of.

4. 20% share dividends to be shared among those who are part of management board. one school each in ghana,nigeria and cote d’ivoire to bear my name: hrh the most  colourful oscar yao doe,from my personal allowances, salaries & my share dividends

6.I have already given full education to all my siblings, and all cousins,so they have already been taken care off.

7.I have also sorted out my aunties,uncles with financial support to their businesses,so therefore they have already been taken care of.
8.the management of doscar foundation can then open up to contributions from reputable individuals & organisations.

8. The criteria should be strictly to those who have done selfless works,avoid contributions from individuals or organisations who are known to destroy other should take up to 3 months before you accept any contributions and at this time period you would have completed a background check on the individual or the organisation that is contributing!the doscar foundation activities should remain strictly to the support of education only! education development only.

9.I plead with the hamoui family, kalmoni family,odaymat family,wolley family, irabor family,duffuor family,nike gallery,otunba tolani oladipo family to assist in carrying out this will.

10.let me make one thing clear, i have not received any death threats, or received any intimidation from anyone or any organisation.i do not have  any chronic diseases or any incurable illness! the truth.
perhaps the event of recent years has really opened my eyes! i thank god



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