Oscar Yao Doe Points Main Accusing Finger At Osei Gyasi Over Ghanaian Banks Meltdown

Ghana has been hit with banking Crises and several financial scandals within the past couple of years and months.

President and Executive Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, Oscar Yao Doe has poured his displeasure at some of the appointed individuals whom he thinks have contributed to the meltdowns of banks in Ghana.

The Ghanaian mogul has in a latest post shared on his social media platforms mainly, Instagram descended on Mr Osei Gyasi, Head Of Banking Supervision of the Bank Of Ghana, blaming him for being the main orchestrator of the problem. Oscar Yao Doe revealed in the post that he had much respect for the Mr Gyasi but upon dealing with his office, he realized the only thing Gyasi is good at is masterminding the downfall of some of the banks in Ghana.

Read through Oscar Yao Doe’s full post below:

I Thought This Gentleman Osei Gyasi Was Brilliant? Till I Dealt With His Office = Head Of Banking Supervision ( Bank Of Ghana) He Is Part Of The Problem.

The Question Is Which Criteria Do We Use In Ghana To Appoint People In Very Important Portfolios?
Is It a Masters Degree? Is It a PhD? Or Chairing Committees And Doing Some Feasibility Studies? I Propose This Criteria = Person’s Has To Demonstrate Or Proofed Personal Achievements Either Through Public Sector Or Private Sector Before A High Profile Portfolio Be Given To Handle, Because The Ability To Make Very Critical Decisions Within A Moment Is Key, And Most Importantly The Ability To Make Decisions Base On Fairness And Open-Mindedness Is Extremely Essential.

With All Due Respect To His Family = I Score Mr Osei Gyasi Zero Performance! I Think He Is Just There Doing Yes Sir Master. Because It Took 4 Beautiful Months To Respond To A Letter Which Is Bringing Money To The State, Meanwhile Too Much Nonsense Of Noise Was Going Via The Media Through Bank Of Ghana Publications ” We Are Protecting Depositors Money Ooo” We Are Cleaning The Banking Sector Oooo” The Recovery Process Is Slow Ooo”
This And That! Yet, Pure Deception. Time Will Tell.





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