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Oscar Yao Doe Praises Ghana Police For Professionalism 

Group Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings Oscar Yao Doe has spoken highly of Ghana Police.

In a lengthy message dispatched on Instagram, the Ghanaian business mogul spoke about his respect for Ghana Police. He made this statement as an accompanying caption to a letter from the Police inviting him to assist in an investigation regarding issues relating to the collapse of local financial institutions.

He went further to call out and blamed a certain fraction of President Nana Akufo-Addo for allegedly masterminding and taking unproductive decisions that led to the defeat suffered by the NPP in the National Election in 2008 and 2012.

Read the message he wrote below.

I Salute The Professionals in Our Ghana Police Forces Especially The IGP, and My Respect For These Noble Institution Will Remain Very High,With Absolute Respect!

I Am More Curious To See Those Who Thinks All Of The Sudden They Have Become Soo Powerful! I Want To See That Power,I Am Very Curious!
Can You Imagine The Same People Were Responsible For The Resounding Election Defeats of President Akuffo Addo 2008,2012 and The President Falling Short of Winning The 2007 NPP Presidential Primaries Outright at University of Legon Campus: See Below:

In 2007, President Kuffuor Was Not Convinced That With The Mindset And The Attitude of The People Around President Akuffo Addo( His Empty Headed Inner Circle)They Can Do A Good Job For Ghana So He Blockade The Path of Akuffo Addo To The Presidency!So President Mills Won!And The Same People Are Around Him Now,And Are Responsible For All The Major Decisions Including The Collapse of The Indigenous Banks,And Local Businesses in Ghana.
2007 NPP Primaries Was One Of The Most Dramatic Election Primaries in Ghana’s History With 17 Candidates: These Same Guys Around The President Today Misjudged That The Fact That Akuffo Addo Was Well Known,Strong Party Man, Known For His Championing of Many Major Challenges in Ghana History He Was Unbeatable So They Were Soo Complacent:

I HRH OYD Saw That He Was Going to Lose So I Stepped In Quickly and Went to See Gaddy Laryea Who Was Managing The Advertising of Akuffo Addo,And I Added Funds To Double All The Advertising Budget,I Also Spring Out Multiple Billboards in Accra Including Circle Overpass, Tetteh Quashie Overpass etc.

@abeikusantana is My Witness!Abeiku Santana Could Not Believe It Because of My Family Relationship I Could Spend Such Millions of Dollars on Somebody Political Survivor!But That is The Giant Dinosaur Genius Of Goodness, Selflessness & Caring, Sensitive to Other People’s Needs Especially if Its Doable!

So It’s Not Surprising What’s Going On! Fmr President Kuffuor Saw It Way Back!

The Ghana Beyond Aid Has Turned Into The Destruction of Local Banks and Indigenous Businesses and Well To Do Ghanaians Why?What Do They Want To Achieve?I am Now Curious! Let’s Find Out!



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