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Oscar Yao Doe Spills The Tea On Secret To A-Self Validated Living – University Degrees Doesn’t Guarantee Success!

In another of the fascinating post by Oscar Yao Doe, a Ghanaian multi-millionaire, he sent a piece of advice to all millennials.

Oscar Yao Doe has taken it upon himself to educate the youth of the Dos and Donts on the journey to achieving success. He dispatched a post on his socials today cautioning the youth on a lot of things.

His main focus is to prick the youth into understanding the basic things that make life complete and fulfilling.

Read his full text below and be inspired.

Message to next generation in ghana”beware” please do not grow up with envy mindset.please do not grow up with jealousy mindset.please do not grow up not appreciating the uniqueness of other people.

Please do not grow up hating rich people or successful people, please do not,because it could be a curse on your own dreams & aspirations,so please it’s a no go area you should not think of.

Please do not grow up blaming your own circumstance on other people.please do not grow up expecting your needs on government,be independent.

Please do avoid negative conversations especially at funeral events.please do not grow up validating your own failures on other people’s success destruction!

Please do not grow up with the mindset of back biting.please do not grow up taking pride in other people’s downfall.please do not grow up expecting people to do things for you.please do not grow up with the mindset that people should find jobs for you.

Finally:please do not grow up in a typical ghanaian culture & mindset that teaches you that:: unless you have degrees from top class universities,or unless you’re a perfect married couple with children wearing white clothes to churches,or wearing white clothes to events,or unless you come from a Well known family background,or unless you’re dr so so so,or professor so so,or honourable so so,titles are very very important,but trust me your own self validation is more important regardless of your own circumstance,do not allow society defined who you are,you should define yourself in your own situations!

I his royal highness the most colourful decorated oscar yao doe i am not married yet,and i do not have any children of my own yet, i just decided few months ago,and for the first time i am going to have twins but through a “surrogate”i am proud of this the up and coming generation please own your decisions either good or bad! i am proud my mother has accepted my decision to have twins through “surrogacy”i promise to publish the children when they are born.i promise! all my close friends & close associates are already aware i will publish the birth of my twins.

My advice to the next generation.



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