Paylater ventures introduces “Emergency loan” through digital banking system


The world continue to be a global village as we the individuals also evolve around it to be updated with current technological advancements.

The various banks are also adopting a new banking system that helps customers transact business at their free will. The latest to be added is Paylater Ventures.

Located at Kasoa Amanfro adjacent The Zone guest house, Paylater ventures have started operation with it’s staff magnanimously working tirelessly to satisfy customer needs.

One of their products that is currently making waves is the “emergency loan”. The policy allows individuals who are in need of money urgently to apply for any amount ranging from Gh100.00 to G300.00. Students can also apply for this amount to help reduce their costs of living which they would have to pay within a particular period.

Speaking to the CEO Mr. J. B Ayikuti, he emphasised that the emergency loan will help solve accidental issues and reduce the burden on people. It will also encourage them psychologically as well.

Interestingly, paylater ventures App can be found in your play store which doesn’t necessarily need you to travel to Kasoa to transact any business.

You are also eligible for 30% discount on all purchases made through paylater ventures. Aside this, Paylater loan,investment,savings,Rentals and many more.

Get the App from your playstore and call them for guidance on 0506929340 Or visit

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