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I’m Not Leaning Towards NDC Because Of Political Appointment – Oscar Yao Doe 

I'm Not Leaning Towards NDC Because Of Political Appointment - Oscar Yao Doe 

It’s as if it is written that history will be made in the forthcoming election, where Ghana will head to the polls to make decision-based on the works of the government and not on personal affiliation, ethnicity and general gravitation of sympathy towards a party. One of such moves which is beginning to shake the fundamental of the political atmosphere of this country is the one made by Ghanaian millionaire, HRH Oscar Yao Doe.

A few days ago, HRH Doe went on social media to make his intention to lean towards the NDC for election 2020 and beyond know, his decision sparked a certain level of debate on national scale owing to the fact that he is a known supporter and financial backbone of the current President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. He has been loyal to the Akufo’s campaign and overall drive to become the President of Ghana since 2007, which he achieved in 2016, however, HRH Doe disagreed with certain decision made by the President and his associates that have led to the collapse of many companies in the country and turned the financial sector into a total smoke without fire or any urge to boost the economy of the country.

I'm Not Leaning Towards NDC Because Of Political Appointment - Oscar Yao Doe 

I’m Not Leaning Towards NDC Because Of Political Appointment – Oscar Yao Doe

This has rendered the many workers jobless and general outcry for an improvement in the financial sector. After making his first announcement, and adding that his will reveal his stand probably in January 2020, a lot of people questioned his loyalty to President Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP, However, HRH Doe has come out again to make his point clear that, he is not making the switch to seek favours from the NDC but rather, he wants to see changes, balanced atmosphere in the business sector, hence not for political appointment.

Nevertheless, he has also added that the only post he will agree to is the advisory position, and not be a member of parliament of more. He ended by showing his appreciation to everyone that has holistically supported his decision for the switch.

Read his post below:

Let Me Use This Opportunity To Pay Tribute To The Founder & Father Of The National Democratic Congress The Great “Ndc” H.E Dr Jerry John Rawlings.

I Am Leaning Towards The “NDC” Ahead Of My Official Announcement To Endorse The Great National Democratic Congress For Election 2020/2024/2028 And Beyond, I Want To Make Something Clear:

1. I Will Not Be Going Into Full-Time Politics After Election 2020, I Will Continue To Make My Voice Heard Regardless Of Which Party Wins Election 2020, I Will Guarantee My Single Vote To The Party.

2. I Will Not Accept An Appointment To Become A Minister Of State Or Head Any Government Agency.

3. I Will Not Stand For An Election To Become A Member Of Parliament 2020/2024.

4. I May Consider To Play An Advisory Role If Necessary, To Enhance The Image Of The Presidency Including The President Appearance & Fashion, Including Staffers & Bodyguards.

5. I Will Remain A Private Business Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, My Dream To Become Successful To Help Society Is Very Strong.

6. I May Be Willing To Contribute To Government Machinery Without Pay”Any Allowances Earned Shall Go To Charity Especially Teshie Royal Orphanage Which I Am A Father.

7. Unfortunately I Will Not Be A Party Activist, I Will Only Support The Party With My Unique Capabilities Which Includes Some Modest Financial Contributions, Including Logistics. My Extensive Global Network And Connections.

8. Nobody In NPP Or Other Political Parties Will Become My Enemies, My Doors Shall Be Open To Everyone Regardless Of Their Political Affiliation, Tribe, Religious Preference Etc.

9.I Will Respectful Give Detail Reasons Why My Sympathy For President Akufo Addo Especially His Cousins Has Gone, And The Reason Why I Am Leaning Towards The NDC. I Demand Absolute Respect For My Personal Decision.We Are Responsible For The Decisions We Make Either Good Or Bad.

Conclusion::: My Official Announcement To Endorse The National Democratic Congress The Great”Ndc” Party Will Be Done Early 2020. Long Live Ghana!!! Long Live Akatamanso.


Read his appreciation post below:

Frankly, I Wish To Express My Profound Gratitude And Appreciation For The Overwhelming Support I Have Received And Most Importantly The Genuine Good Wishes And Solidarity That Are Pouring Like A Rocket. I Am Extremely Grateful. God Bless You All. Long Live Ghana!!! Long Live The Beautiful “NDC”

I Am Very Excited To Bring My Little Contribution To The Great Party ” National Democratic Congress ” With Style And Fashion And Maybe A Little Sophistication. God Bless Us All.




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