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The Insults In Politics Scared Me From Politics – Maame Dokono

Actress Grace Omabo known as Maame Dokono says she ended her political career abruptly to avoid insults

According to her, she ended her political career abruptly because the insults and disgrace were too much for her.

“The disgrace and insults I received for going into politics openly were too much for me. I have learned my lessons and will not go into politics again. Even if I will go into politics, I will be behind the scenes and not as openly as did in the past.”

“Fights in politics over the years made me realized a lot. I left NDC because of some sort of fights all over, I had wanted to join a party which would be pleased with, the reason I joined NPP but the same happened there. The young ones seem not to appreciate the oldies when we identify ourselves for advice purposes.”

She recalled how former Creative Arts Minister fought her in Parliament for commenting on issues in the industry.

“Catherine fought with me…she met me personally and confronted me. I just kept quiet looking at her….she confronted me in parliament house…Then I told her, just wait patiently, your time will come. In a few months, I heard she had been moved from the creative arts ministry.”

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