Pure Liquid Gold In A Bottle! Exclusive Tasting Experience Of Louis XIII – MUST SEE

France is known for producing some of the world’s most luxurious spirits and wines in the town of Cognac, hence several long chains of brands have been named after the town. To pinpoint of one such brand, Louis XIII will come into mind immediately, with this, the Private Client Director for the Louis XIII, Jorg Pfutzner had a touring experience across West African cities like Accra, Abuja and Lagos.

In these cities, he introduced the brand to a selected group of business executives and online content generators (Bloggers), The Accra session was hosted on June 19 and 20, 2018 at Alliance Motors Ghana showroom and Mövenpick Hotel, Accra attended by CEO of EIB Network Group and Empire Entertainment, Bola Ray, Chairman of the Mohinani Group, Ramchand Udharam Mohinani, Elton Afari of Cosmopolitan Insurance, Alican Sunal of Kempinski Accra, and Prakash Basarmalani, Managing Director of Ezone Electronics.

First of all, Pfutzner gave a brief narrative of the history of Louis XIII how it’s made, the processes it goes and the exquisite century of the pure and unique blend of beautiful accomplishments and records around the world. During the tasting, Pfutzner poured the precious liquid from the iconic crystal decanter into specially designed Louis XIII crystal glasses. Bespoke canapes prepared by Santoku restaurant were paired to complement and enhance Louis XIII’s unique flavours.

It was an experience worth dying for and repeating throughout the year, Louis XIII is always happy to be associated with history, in fact, the brand creates history on it own. Therefore it has gone into partnership with international recording artist and producer, Pharrell Williams to work on a song called 100 Years which will be released in 2117 with one condition; if the world maintains its balance in nature by not allowing global warming to destroy the beauty of the earth.

Watch recording process and the message behind the song below:

Louis XIII has a heartwarming history with Africa as it first client on the continent was from Cape Town, South Africa. The legacy left behind and that of the future was inscribed in a book by all the attendees both past, and then the present ones at the Accra tasting experience. Who doesn’t want this kind of luxury?

See Photos Below:


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