Rashad McCrorey Enstooled Tourism Chief Of Elmina; The First In Ghana

Ghana left an indelible mark on the world after the country observed the Year of Return, which is the commemoration of 400 years since the first batch of slaves were shipped out of the country. This opened the door for a lot of Africans born and bred abroad to relocate back to the motherland to join the celebration, some stayed permanently, and others started their businesses in the country to help augment the economy.

Businessman Rashad McCrorey who is an expert in the tourism industry, returning to Africa before the Year of Return in Ghana was a spiritual calling that he had to embark on when he first came; he explored the tourism potential of the country and quickly connected with the country and the citizens. Since then he hasn’t had the knack to go back to America. Due to immense attention to the development of the various tourism sites in Elmina in Ghana, the elders of the historical town snatched and enstooled him as the Tourism Chief (Nserahwehen) of Iture, a sub town of Elmina/Edina, under the stool name of “Nana Kofi Kukudurfo I.”

He received the support from the chiefs and elders of the various towns within Elmina and its environs, he swore an oath of allegiance to Nana Kojo Conduah, the Omanhen of the Edina Traditional Area. Rashad revealed his intention to promote tourism not just in Elmina but called on all leaders, diasporans, and politicians to spread and emulate the steps taken in Elmina in enstooling Tourism Chief across the country, to help elevate the tourism industry in Ghana.

His love of Africa and the progress of the continent led him to author his first book titled “Stuck in Africa,” and constantly used his voice as a journalist as well, at Modern Ghana in promoting African, and African Diaspora relations.

Watch his conversation on Ride And Chat show during the enstoolment below:

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