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Music can be stressful and devastating if you don’t have the heart to fight back despite the sweetness we enjoy whilst listening.

The life of a mainstream artist is not as easy as we see outside. The hustles they go through whilst recording,from spending time with producers to payment for production. It takes the grace and favours for it to be done.

But how about the up and coming artist who don’t have huge fan base to cheer them? The financial backing and that person to encourage them to still keep fighting to the end. Everyone needs that one particular person to believe in their dreams even if they feel all is almost lost.

But is that what we heard about SANK TION, did we nearly lost a great talent?

San Tion is a good rapper based in Sunyani and has amaze a lot of people with his agility on various beats. Duped as the new “Sark” in town by his peers,not because he raps too fast but writing good lyrics to strengthen the weak and advice the young and the aged.

Sank Tion at a point in time felt is better to quit music than continue living a life of “game of thrones” where promoters in the Brong Ahafo Region don’t want to support talents and making it hard for up and coming artists.

But coincidentally, he found himself at the feet of the “Don Jazzy” of Ghana music industry(Pimpim Police) who has done a lot to young individuals and still doing it.

The publicist who is also a radio presenter at gentlemenradio and lensradioonline respectively narrated how he revived the music spirit within this young man called Sank Tion. He stated that it Wasn’t easy coming to an agreement looking at the situations Sank Tion went through at Sunyani-Brong Ahafo.

But the good news is that he will release a new song titled “Africa” on Friday 23rd February, 2018
Mixtic(Pimpim police) has also pledged his support to the young artist and encouraged his colleagues to help in promoting this talents.

Stay tune as we wait for the release of “Africa” by Sank Tion on Friday.


Story:Harry lord

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