THE TRUTH HURTS! Are The Entertainment & Advertising Industries Abusing ‘Nude’?

In today’s day and age, one does not need to look very far to find examples of the role the entertainment, advertising and fashion, industries have played in the sexualization and over-sexualization of the human body.

The fact that the majority of female stars in both the music and movie sector of the industry are well below the age of 40 is a testament to the fact that the music and television industry has few roles for women who serve as anything other than eye candy for audiences. And women below this age are seen as perfect marketing weapons to attract more clients especially men.

The sheer difference between the number of active male actors post the age of 50, and the number of actively employed female actors belonging to the same age bracket only helps drive home this bitter truth. While one may argue that the feminism movement and other social awareness campaigns around the world have succeeded in improving the world’s attitude towards women, the large (and very prominent) number of instances of objectification and sexualization of the female body are still very pressing issues in the entertainment and advertising industries.

For some reason, the powers that be in television and online media productions seem to completely immune to the changes taking place as far as progressive attitudes towards women are concerned. A potential reason for this could be a simple fact that “sex sells”.

The human pupil is known to dilate as much as five times when it looks at something it likes, and focus group testing has shown that the advertisement of deodorants and alcohol with the use of scantily clad women does, in fact, attract the male gaze. Sexual icons today are used to sell everything from soaps to cars.

In a world where sensationalism and scandal are the only things people interest themselves in, the entertainment and advertisement industries merely capitalize on this and use it to their advantage.

But does sex sell and are over abusing it?

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