Shatta Wale: I’m Done Fighting For The ”Sad” Music Industry

Shatta Wale has revealed via his Snapchat that he is done fighting for the music industry, which he thought, in the beginning, he could repair.

Over the years the dancehall heavyweight has been very outspoken on several issues affecting Ghanaian musicians, from bookings for shows, marketing and promotion of various projects released by each musician, and also earning equal or large cash as musicians from other African countries.

However, in his latest post, he stated ”Me am done fighting for what I came for…. am just trying to help repair this sad music industry.”

The prominent question is if Shatta Wale who is used to speaking on issues affecting musicians say he has stopped, who will musicians turn to speak for them or this will be a wake-up call that unity is key?

Watch YouTube videos below:

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