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Shatta Wale reveals hidden meanings behind ‘Reign’ album cover art – WATCH

Fresh from smoking the peace to sanitize the dancehall domain, Shatta Wale moved to Accra to climax the social media week in Ghana with the official unveiling of the cover art for his upcoming studio album christened Reign.

Loaded with songs for now and the future, according to Shatta Wale, the album tells vital story of his journey from the ‘bad-old-days’ of struggle to the good days. Part of the album covers his story when he was called Bandana to when he finally found his elevation and changed his stage name to Shatta Wale.

Reign cover art features Shatta Wale with his head lowered and a piece of glittering chain around his neck and a lot of writings behind, side and side of the picture. Shatta and his team took the time to explain the meaning of each of the things on the cover art.

Watch below:

After which he took the stage to perform a few of his hit songs before departing.

Watch his performance below:




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