Shatta Wale Spent 13 Months In His Mother’s Womb – Shatta Capo

According to Shatta Wale’s dad, Shatta Wale took 13 months to get out of the womb, the normal period for a baby to stay in the womb is 9 month and 2 weeks.

This makes him an extraordinary person in the whole Ghana,said his father


shatta capo

He added that,he did an afternoon job with his wife to produce Shatta Wale that is why he resembles him so much.

Questions were raised concerning the prophecies flying around by some prophets in Ghana about the death of his son, which Shatta wale has replied in a video that he will burn some churches down if they are not fulfilled by the end of the year.

Charles Armah who said he and his mum “downloaded” Shatta Wale in October 1982 also said no one can kill his son unless is his time to leave.

He feels people are jealous of what some of the artistes have done with their talents and after suffering so much,they want to use one day to destroy them. It will never happen. He concluded.

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