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White People Control The World, They Can Help End Racism – Kevin Prince Boateng

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Ghanaian professional footballer, Kevin-Prince Boateng has spoken at length in a written letter to the world in order to bring a permanent end to racism.

He shared his letter on The Players’ Tribune, a popular website for athletes that features letters written to address issues or celebrate an achievement. Kevin-Prince Boateng’s letter focused on his experiences with racism from childhood as a footballer. The ‘N’ word was frequently been shouted out loud anytime he played in kid tournaments mainly at East Germany, he used to cry in the team bus after every tournament because of racial abuse, and that has become the norm and doesn’t seem to end.

In the letter, Kevin addressed several issues with the main message being how white people can step in to support black people to eradicate racism from the surface of the earth.

”It is white people who are controlling this world. It is white people who can undo systemic racism. But if the white hand keeps pushing us down, we have no chance,” he stated.

He shared an incident in 2013 where he had to walk off the pitch during a football match because of racial chant from the opposition team, he was playing for AC Milan at that time. He walked off because, the referee didn’t do anything to stop the chant, even though he had told him earlier of what the fans were doing. His teammates followed him, several people in the stadium stood and applauded his action.

“You had the power to do something. You did nothing,” he told the referee.

His action led FIFA to appoint him as an ambassador to fight against racism, but he felt that wasn’t enough as the project was shut down a couple of months later.

In conclusion, the Beşiktaş player urged players, the media and white people around the world to add and help amplify the voice against racism, in order to end it completely.

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