STACY M. AMEWOYI Writes: ‘Beefing’ Is The Spiritual Setback Of Every Industry

Before generations began, a feud in other words ‘beef’ had already taken place in the heavenly kingdom. It was a battle between the highest when Lucifer with his voice won many heavenly hosts to himself and felt bigger than his Creator. But, we all know the end result.

What is happening in today’s world is no different; a few fans, little money and so forth, then suddenly men in God’s image turn into monsters in Lucifer’s clothing. Bickering, tarnishing, robbing and at worst killing each other to attain wealth, fame and stardom.

These wealth, fame and stardom, only are words found in the dictionary which we met and more generations after us will do the same. Never in history has anyone after attaining these words, rubbed them from the dictionary nor tagged as theirs. Sadly, they even left without a slice of it.

Why then do we seek others downfall in chasing mere words. Where and when it’s rightfully gained, the enjoyment therefore is fulfilling? Go down again memory lane, and name one person after stepping on the toes of others upon reaching a height has a happily ever after. Being it the music industry or politics even in relationships, there has never been. It is only a temporary thing which aftermath is a sorry tale.

Take a look at politics and drugs. In my little stay on earth, studies, research and thanks to movies, people’s lives have been treated as of a passing wind whether or not they are involved. At the words, ‘I know about your family’ the next moment is the carcasses of your loved ones all over the news. Who says you remain immortal after killing someone? Africa is advanced in years with nothing advanced, yet a ruling party parade around building castles in the air. It’s a shame.

Afore, we only knew of feuds in the music industry in that of the States, where Tupac, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Ja Rule among others were at each other’s throat on rap music. Their actions lead to the death of many young talents and even with those that survived, has never remained the same. It’s rather fortunate or unfortunate that most of them were blacks.

Could that be the reason why Ghanaian black artistes are following suit? Even if they are illiterates, haven’t they heard of the above names and others who have died to the foolishness of beefing?  Today dancehall, tomorrow rap and disgustingly at the moment is that of female musicians including a shameless gospel artiste! Y’all okay?

Already the industry is harsh against women, yet they go about body shaming each other. As one has lost her contract, the others have lost their respect. The hugest downfall as an artist is the loss of respect; it’s most painful as death! With the gibberish they speak as English, haven’t they ever come across words like women empowerment?

Women with resources are out there praying for the strength of women to be seen and heard yet some educated illiterates with faces full of makeup with nothing to write home about are just making their great efforts go to waste.

People are hoping to see and hear more of Ghana in the international front yet women with no caliber nor recognizable awards are flaunting themselves as parrots and wrestlers – insulting and fighting each other. Look, the competition is not within, it is without.

Even in Ghana; you will have no respect, how much more on the international front? What you are doing is uglier than your natural faces and your generations will be ashamed to be a part of your lineage.

Destinies may be the same, but talents vary; thus you’re bickering and insults, paying bloggers to bring others down, shutting their pages and conniving to bring shame to your colleagues, will only end at your very doorstep. At this youthful stage, it may seem fun but especially as a woman, you will live to regret it.  

Bring others up, empower them, stay together is the new theme for growth. Being at each other’s throat, only tarnishes and brings shame; it takes nobody nowhere. It only becomes a setback spirit for growth. The focus should be on projecting a good name and making sensibly hits.

For the comedians who are trying to build an industry but do not know their way forward, note; feuding will only end your toil. Ask the Nigerian comedians if they had begun like you are doing, would you have thought of creating an industry too?  Well here is what Ghanaians want; a substance not trash.

Togetherness is the spirit of Africa but since we are lacking on that side, ‘beefs’ will curl us all up into a tin and gradually become a dessert on the foreigner’s plate.

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