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My name is Seth Delali Dey known by many as Stash Grey I am not a celebrity. I am just an everyday person, like you. And over the last few years of my life, I have grown into what many would consider to be one ‘lifestyle influencer or blogger.’ It was never something that I planned for – it’s more of an accident in retrospect.

Lifestyle influencers are people who share their lives online for an audience of readers to follow. They may be bloggers or Instagramers – they describe themselves as individuals with expertise, experience, knowledge, and ideas etc., on subjects such as fashion or politics which interest them.

The world of business has changed. It’s no longer enough to have a great product and hope it catches on. You need to reach out, establish relationships with people who will be your customers, and make sure they know about your brand.

One way that many companies are doing this is by partnering with lifestyle influencers – bloggers who create content around their interests in order to build an audience for themselves or their sponsors.

This blog post will cover what my lifestyle influencing and blogging is all about, and why I think there is still a growing market for influencers, how you can find a lifestyle influencer, and how you can leverage them as part of your marketing strategy!

Out of every 10 companies, 9 of them is believed to leverage on some form of influencer marketing to help them achieve certain goals be it product activation or creating brand awareness for new services and products in general.

Lifestyle influencer marketing can help brands find new audiences by using personal recommendations from trusted sources (aka influencers).

I believe bloggers and influencers have the power to convert any brand or product into a household name by contributing to its growth through their platforms because in recent times most businesses have been making the most use of the business to consumer approach through influencers and bloggers.

Being an influencer has made me to create a greater connection with my followers who always want to find out what is trending in town or what products is best for consumers, which goes a long way to help them have well informed decision in case they would want to make some online purchases, thus I am more of a mouth piece to companies who have products to sell to the masses.

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Did you know that the world’s most followed lifestyle blogger is a stay-at-home dad? His name is David Filskov, and he blogs about his adventures in parenthood.

Companies can leverage on influencers through referrals which boosts sales and also give influencers some sort of income. in as much as bloggers have that creative freedom it is prudent to post content that aligns with the policies of the desired platforms they engage on.

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I am grateful for the past few years of blogging and have loved meeting so many other bloggers, influencers, online marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Blogging has helped me grow as a person in ways that made little sense to me before starting my blog journey, it has been a long journey, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my story with others and help them navigate their own.

A lot of people are drawn to blogging because they have something that is important to say or want an outlet for creativity and expression. You can be one of those people too! If you feel like your life may not yet be complete without sharing your thoughts on the internet.

stash grey the blogger and influencer
stash grey the influencer
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