Stop Giving Attention To Foreigners And Pay Local Gospel Musicians For Their Works : Sonnie Badu | WATCH

UK based Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu has shared his view on the unfair treatment meted out to Ghanaian artistes after performing at Church events as well as other events.

Recall that most Ghanaian gospel artists have come out to express their displeasure at how they are unfairly treated after they perform in most churches regarding remuneration.

Pastors refuse to pay Ghanaian gospel artistes when they invite them to perform at their church programmes.

This has made most gospel artistes act reluctant when they are invited to minister n Churches because they feel pastors and event organizers have taken them for granted.

What they can not fathom is that Pastors and event organizers pay huge sums of money when they bring in Foreign gospel artists to perform.

Award-winning artist,Sonnie Badu took to his Facebook page to wade into the issue .

According to the ‘Baba’ hitmaker once musicians are skilled and take music as their full-time job,they are to be paid their deserved remuneration.

He asserted that gospel musicians play an important part for worship to be complete and should not be taken for granted.

“Should pastors pay musicians? This is my answer: If they are skilled and have it as their full time job then kindly put them on payroll… For worship to be complete, the musicians must play in one accord with sound mind and skill … musicians must be taken care of. They are the red candle to be lit on for intimacy during worship … Let’s take care of our musicians… We give foreigners so much attention but ignore our own … This must change .. #DrBadu

Watch above.

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