‘The Current Class Of Leaders Lack Exposure & Compassion’ – HRH Oscar Yao Doe 

Founder and Executive Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, HRH Oscar Yao Doe, has been vocal on the issue, pointing out key problems that have led to the annihilation of the financial sector.

Moreover, his public posts over the past couple of months have also labelled the work done by some of the leaders put in charge of the bailout of the banks, and savings and loans as very pour and lack creative and innovative planning that would have rescued the financial sector.

In a public post on November 16th, 2019, HRH Doe attributed the falling and low turn out of investment in the financial sector to leaders who have no composition, however, are filled with ego and also lack exposure that will enable them to care for the citizens and then business people.

Read through his full post below:

History Books Will Capture This Moment As Such: When A Group Of School Goers Empty Headed Scholars ( With Degrees In Zero Compassion, Empty Ego & Too Know) The Group Of 4 Took Unilateral Decision Without Involvement Of Cabinet Ministers, Without Involvement Of Ghana Parliament And Without Any Input Or An Advice From The Council Of State.

They Follow Through With Their Long-Held Jealousy Of Some Of Ghana’s Successful Entrepreneurs & Wealthy Families Namely: Dr Paa Kwesi Ndoum (The Only Ghanaian Who Owned A Bank In America) Dr Kwabena Duffuor (Former Governor Of Bank Of Ghana & Finance Minister, Owner Of Unibank, 2 Biggest Insurance Company’s Etc) Dr Kofi Amoah (Global Business Icon & A Shareholder In Western Union) Kofi Amoaben (Owner Ut Bank, Ut Holdings) Awuah Darko Family (Owners Of Premium Bank & Vanguard Assurance Etc.) The List Is Long…

So-Called Powerful Was Elected, One Person Appointed, The 2 Others Are Direct Family Related But Without Official Portfolio, They Misjudged The Effect Of Their Decision Which Now Costing Ghana Tax Payers More Than 65 Billion Ghana Cedis? (11.7 Billion Us Dollars)

These People Have No Love For Country So They Went Ahead With Their Evil Intent? Without Involvement Of The Above Institutions Or Cabinet Ministers, They Destroyed 11 Ghanaian Owned Banks, Over 300 Savings & Loans Banks Including Micro Finance Companies(100% Ghanaian Ownership), Without Taking Into Consideration The Destructive Effects On Ghana’s Economy, Depositors Losses & Suffering, Lost Of Jobs, The Lost The Owners Of This Banks May Suffer, We Are Now Told Over 65 Billion Ghana Cedis Spent?? But It’s  Not For A Bailout Of The Banks, Wrong Decision.

The Current Ruling Class Lack Exposure. Because People Who Are Exposed Are Not Envious. People Who Are Exposed Are Not Jealous. People Who Are Larger Than Life In Their Reasoning Are Always Compassionate And Forgiving. People Who Are Exposed Truly Care About People And Always Help Them Out.

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