THE MISSING FATHERS: Stacy Amewoyi Pulls The Curtain Back On Reoccurring Malady In Almost Every Home

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Slow down, take a deep breath and rethink the number of kids wandering the world without a father figure in their lives. The prevalent question on the lips of many in situations like this is – where did the fathers go, can’t anyone else play the fatherly role in the absence of the biological ones. You can nod in agreement to the fact that the kind of bond, and connection, between a child and the father, is heavy and cast a net of joy around any household than an outsider or family member playing a similar role.

However, the tragic effect caused by this malady hasn’t been given the microscopic view to necessitate a collective reform on parenting; hence, either sending many children into a horrifying chasmic pit leading to detachment from the world or total soul destruction.

The construction of love must, first of all, begin from home; Stacy Amewoyi is turning the switch on this in her latest novel, titled “The Missing Fathers,” the announcement of the novel has begun to spark debate among a wide range of readers across all corners of the world, who have poured a wholesome amount of praise on her for tackling such a sensitive issue which has been left in the dark for long.

The genesis of every problem determine the solution to be prescribed for it, Stacy Amewoyi got readers in touch with how history has become a contributory factor to the issue. How it began with parents living the children in search of greener pastures on foreign lands to the normalization of not finding the courage to return to play their roles as parents, to the children being forced to accept the absence of their parents as the new standard. A situation which under no circumstances should be the case, unfortunately, with alarming stats, the world must take a look at the situation. We cry and pray for peace and love in the world, a world where everyone becomes each other’s keep, how can the world achieve this when almost every single home is suffering from love deficiency.

Preparation is underway to hire the services of an accomplished director and screenplay specialist to work on transforming the novel into a movie, also translated into other languages including Spanish, German, French, and more. Not forgetting widely used Ghanaian dialects like Twi, Ga, Ewe, in order to deliver the message to most households on the planet. This generation must contribute immensely to changing this darkness that’s hovering on the planet; every man who brings a child to the world must take responsibility.

“The Missing Fathers” isn’t just a publication made by an author for reading pleasure, the novel was written based on personal experience. Stacy Amewoyi rose to become an established author and philanthropist, a feat she took constant determination and hard work to achieve; she grew up as an orphan. She dedicated her entire life to helping the less privileged in society via her Stacy M. Foundation for the past twenty-something years. Her commitment to improving the lives of these children across Ghana hasn’t faded. She has disclosed her intention to build state of the art shelters in Ghana to house a lot of street children, providing basic education, vocational training, and more. Even though she has admitted the difficulty associated with all these philanthropic decisions without any external support, it’s a burning desire that can’t be stopped. Additionally, part of the proceeds from “The Missing Fathers” will be used to continue her mission of putting smiles on the faces of as many orphans as possible.

Stacy Amewoyi developed the knack for writing and sharing real-life stories with the world through her first set of best-sellers, which include;

The Language And Keys Of Love: www.amazon.com

The Price Of Love: www.amazon.com

The Kings Choice – My True Life Story: You Only See My Beauty You Don’t Know My Story: www.amazon.com

Moreover, below are the links to all the three parts of “The Missing Fathers.”

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The Missing Fathers: “Dear Father, Read This & Come Back” Volume II: www.amazon.com

The Missing Fathers: “A Time Capsule Of The Globe” Volume III: www.amazon.com

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