The Reason Why Fameye Left OGB Music Was When We Planed To Release His New Track “Chairman ” – Ogidi Brown

During the atigya program on schwar fm hosted by Queen Afia Schwar Ogidi Brown express his feelings and also what actual caused fameye to leave OGB music

In the interview Ogidi Brown stated that

“when fameye was coming to Germany we’ve already released “Nothing I Get ” remix and also our plan is to release the next song because since he has started his italy tour we must release his latest track and this agreement was agreed by fameye too . So when fameye came to Italy his attitude change and how he was talking to the management wasn’t the same attitude he put up when he was in Ghana and i don’t really know the person who’s convincing fameye to talk to the management this way to the extent that he claim that management should promote “Nothing i Get ” remix the same as they promote the original song and also ordered them to promote it on all tv station and fm stations but i told Fameye we’ve already agreed on releasing “chairman ” track because Nothing I Get truck has already hitz why dont we forget that one and focused on the next song . So when i told him we should focused on the next song he then told me that if am not willing to promote the song then I’m no more his manger .”

The Artist also said fameye is a greedy musician and also he doesn’t appreciate the lil amount of money you give to him and also the percentage between him and fameye was 70 / 30 to him it was fair because fameye never invest his money to OGB Music.

During the interview he then said he will send fameye to court because they had a five years contract and also he must refund all the money he invested in him deal and if only fameye is willing to come he has no problem with that but he must be ready to settle all the the 50 gigs he played without his notice..

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