The Republic of Ghana will be giving all their youth Gh1500

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The public authority of the Republic of Ghana under the administration of Nana Akufo-Addo should see into this assessment and give all Ghanaian adolescents over 20 years GH¢ 1500 on March fifteenth 2021. We as a whole realize that adolescent strengthening is one significant perspective the public authority needs to siphon more assets on, to better the existences of all Ghanaians.

In any case, there is no glossing over that the public authority are not equipped for giving this young strengthening plan that will see all Ghanaian adolescents been given that measure of cash to fire up a business or lift their vocation. We are frequently informed that the adolescents are the heads of tomorrow, yet without this sort of youth strengthening plan there won’t be a pioneers for later and the expression will simply be inadequate.

Likewise, on the off chance that we consider the humongous impact of the Covid and how it has made numerous to misfortune their work and the number of organizations has overlay up because of how hard it was during the hot time of the Covid’19 flare-up, it will be the most ideal alternative for the public authority to endorse this GH¢ 15000 for all Ghanaian adolescents over 20 years.

The nation will be a superior spot if this assessment is acknowledged and affirmed by the public authority. What’s more, it gigantically help the economy of the country after the genuine negative effect of the horrendous Covid pandemic.

We trust the public authority will see this and put it into prompt thought.

Do you figure the public authority can give Ghanaian young people GH¢ 1500?. Furthermore, what will you utilize the cash for, If you are at last given the cash

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