Here Are Top 5 Exercises That Challenge Your Core

Any seasoned fitness enthusiast will attest that core strength is crucial to support whole-body workouts. Without a powerful core, one is likely to lose direction in fitness goals. Even though taking legit steroids like nandrolone decanoate helps to build a powerful core, workouts are still the ultimate solution to building strength in the core. Discussed below are the top five workouts that challenge your core.

Side Planks

By working the muscles on the side of the core area, you tend to add more strength. The side plank exercise is a challenge to the core, and it will improve strength at the end of the day. When done well, it is a great way to improve.

With the knees, hips, core area and shoulders aligned in one line, lie with the right side up and rest the right arm on the body. Support yourself with the left elbow and hold in position for half a minute. Change position and repeat the same exercise on the other side.

The Bridge

Nothing is more effective than the bridge exercise when it comes to inner core strength. To do bridges in the right way, lie on the back with the knees moving as close to the core as possible while the feet are still on the ground. Raise the hips off the ground until the core muscles feel tight. At this position, hold for one minute before relaxing and starting all over again. With several reps, your core strength will improve significantly.

Loaded Farmer’s Walk

Walking with weights in your hands is not an easy task for most people. However, this activity is great for the core, upper body and lower body. It is one of the workouts that push yourself to the limits, but the results are great.

With both hands, grab some weights that are equal to your body weight and walk for about 50 feet before resting. The next walk should be 10 feet more. One important tip is to keep the whole body in a vertical position.

TRX Push-Ups

This one is tougher than regular push-up workouts. It involves using the TRX suspension to support the legs at mid-calf. The trainer starts in a normal push-up position but raises the legs to get support from the TRX.

Start the push-ups while making sure that there is no sagging either upwards or downwards in the middle. Do 10 to 15 reps before taking a short break and repeating the same process for another round.


Most fitness enthusiasts already know what sit-ups are. They also push the trainer, especially the newbies, to the limits. When done well, they strengthen the abdominal muscles and the overall core in an incredible way.

Lie on your back and raise the knees high while the feet are on the ground forming a pyramid. If possible, get a support to keep the feet positioned there. Raise the upper body as near to the knees as possible and gradually return it to the ground. Repeat this about 10 to 15 times before taking a break and starting all over again.

With these five crucial core exercises, you will find incredible results within a short time. The secret is in doing them right and being consistent.

Written by Monte OZ

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