Two men of God fight over offertory

It was reported that two self-acclaimed servants of God in the vineyard are engaged in argument  over offertory in the Kumasi Central Market.

According to eyewitness,  the self-acclaimed men of God converted the market into a boxing arena in the afternoon of Wednesday, December 20, 2017, and engaged in blows ripping each other’s clothes in the process.

Reports say the two daily preachers identified as Evangelist Samuel Kwame Boateng and Evangelist Kwame Poku have been engaging in verbal assaults frequently over offertory from passersby but the situation generated into a fight on Wednesday.

The reports say the fight between the two individuals can be attributed to the fast approaching Christmas since they needed money to celebrate but one was amassing more collection than the other.

Samuel Kwame Boateng, according to the eyewitness, said his colleague preacher has been cursing, insulting, casting insinuations, issuing threats against him every day and even made attempt to attack him physically.
He said he was then advised by one of the women at the market to beat his colleague preacher to call him to order, hence his actions, which rather generated into a fight which onlookers described as shameful.

Is this a sign of the endtime? Or is just one of those attitudes?


Story: Ahovi Harry

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