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The Ultimate Ghanaian Sound Is Lost Because Of Greedy Pioneers : MaNUEL Nonbada

Ghanaian Musician Manuel Nonbada is caught up in an issue with Highlife Musician Oheneba Kissi about sampling his song without his knowledge or permission.

Oheneba Kissi On Hitz FM with Andy Dosty last Monday accused fast rising Ghanaian musician Manuel Nonbada of sampling lyrical content in his hit song ABC. Andy Dosty played him Everyday by Manuel Nonbada and asked if he knew about the song and also asked if he was aware of the sampling. Highlife Legend Oheneba Kissi said he didn’t even know who he is.

After the interview our crew thought it was a good idea to confront Manuel Nonbada about the incident. In a WhatsApp chat with Manuel he claimed that he had talks with Oheneba Kissi prior to producing he said. He also said that Ohenneba Kissi and his team ( Mark Okraku ) even asked him to pay an amount of money which he wouldn’t disclose.

Manuel Nonbada went on to say that Ghanaian Old Musicians are the reason why the highlife sound hasn’t gone far, because they are greedy and do not want to teach or mentor the upcoming musicians like they should have. Do you Agree with him?

Read the WhatsApp conversation between our team and Manuel Nonbada for yourself.

If you haven’t heard the song in questions, here is a link to the video.

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