Venus Films Premieres Savannah Movie On Christmas Day

SAVANNAH movie poster

Ghana’s premier movie production house Venus Films Production is set to premiere its latest, an educative, informative, and entertaining movie titled Savannah

Savannah is a fictional film embedded with facts that touch on the effects of the societal issue of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION (FGM; a societal menace which is supposed to be an outlawed practice of the past but which some people will rather perish than completely erase the memory of.

The movie was filmed in the Northern Region (Tamale)of Ghana and witnessed the introduction of great performance from both northern regional actors and seasonal actors from the capital, Accra.

The movie went into production with a great blend of professional filmmakers from the North and the Venus Films Production standing crew, led by Kobi Rana as director.

SAVANNAH premieres on Christmas Day; 25th December 2021 at the following venues:

SILVERBIRD CINEMAS (Accra Mall, West Hills Mall).

Tickets can be purchased at Silverbird Cinemas

TAMALE – Picorna Hotel.


Anthony Woode

Andy Tetteh

Habiba Sinare

Kalsoume Sinare

Ekow Blankson

Andani Adhadatu Daaru

Ahmed Saani

Sherifatu Issah and many more.

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