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Exposed: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is An Experiment By The New World Order As The Pope Is Also Involved | WATCH

The Coronavirus Pandemic which has been labelled as the Covid-19 by the World Health Organization has been revealed by the Nigerian man of God Johnson Suleman as a demonic experiment by the group of people.

Revealing the name of the group of the New World Order, the man of God revealed God revealed to him, this group is doing everything to control the moon and the world itself.

According to him, God revealed to him the Covid-19 is an experiment by the New World Order to come into alignment to accomplish their mission by finally controlling the world.

He revealed the next elections, Donald Trump must win it as his opposition party will enforce the demonic plans of the New World Order if they win the elections.

According to him, the enforcement will come to live by the opposition running mate who is a female whereby the president will be impeached.

He also revealed Italy was used as the main source of the experiment as the Pope is also a power bottom in this demonic plan.

He gave out the best solution God told as everything infected person should fast from 6 am to 6 pm from Monday to Wednesday as he the pastor will be praying with them and by Thursday the following day, they will be tested negative.

Watch the full video below.

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